Internal memory no longer visible on PC once I added external memory.

I have an 8 GB Fuze, filled it, added an 8 GB SanDisk external card. Now I can’t view anything on the internal memory from my PC, even though it will play it. I’ve tried to view in both MSC and MTP, nada on both. Tried removing the external card - no change. What’s up? Any idea how to fix this?

I admit it’s seriously hindering my enjoyment of my player. 

Switching modes should work. What happens if you take out the microSD?

Have you tried resetting the device, or resetting to Factory Defaults?

Black Rectangle: Nothing happens… the internal drive is still invisible, though the computer “remembers” what’s on the external. Switching modes made no difference, though I’ll try it again this week when I’m less frustrated…

Tapeworm: I haven’t reset the Fuze; I’ve got some stuff on there I’d like to copy, I lost the disks (ugh, moved). I’m afraid I’ll loose data… I will do a reformat if I have to, but I’d like to avoid that. 

Resetting will not affect your files. It’s the equivalent of turning a PC off completely and turning it back on (MP3 players typically don’t shut off completely when you turn them off, they actually go into a low-power state akin to a computer’s sleep mode). Reformatting is what will wipe everything off the player.

Oh, that’s a great bit of information, gwk1967 - will do that straight away, then.