External Memory Not Recognized

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I just want to clarify that I have read previous posts on this and I’m still having an issue.  I just bought the Fuze yesterday (4/7/09)

Windows XP is not seeing my external memory chip.  I have switched back and forth from MTP to MSC.  While in MSC, XP sees the Fuze as a removable device with 4GB of storage and MTP recognizes it as an “Other” device (with pretty icon…lol) also with 4GB of storage.  Also, WMP11 sees either Mode the exact same way as Windows.

The issue is I have purchased two external memory chips and neither shows up anywhere (My Computer or WMP11).  I have a PNY MicroSd (4GB) and a PNY MicroSD (8GB).  Also…just to be sure…the chip is loaded with the gold connectors facing the back of the unit, correct?  :wink:

There is not yet any music sync’d up so it’s not a matter of loading some music in MSC and other music in MTP mode.  My firmware version is 01.01.07A.  I understand there is a 01.01.22 update out now, but I have not yet downloaded it.

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One correction…both memory chips are also High Capacity (MicroSDHC), but the Fuze states this is fine.

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In MSC mode the uSD will show up as a separate drive letter (not the same one as the Fuze).

In MTP mode it shows up as an ‘External uSD Card’ folder under the device icon in Windows Explorer.

The uSD card slot seems to be resistant to having a card inserted the first time. Other posters have said it feels as though you are breaking something, and that’s how it felt to me on my Fuze and e250v2.

So make sure that the card is really inserted properly.

You can check that the Fuze sees it by checking in Settings->System Settings->Info on the Fuze itself. You should see an entry for SD Card.

SDHC works fine - I have 8 & 4 G Sandisk cards. I don’t see why PNY cards should not work. Did they come with a USB adapter so you can check the PC sees them OK without the Fuze in the way?

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I had a lot of trouble when I first got my initial microsdhc card. Make sure it is flush inside the Fuze’s housing, you should fell a click. When you eject it it will be like a button that stays depressed (in) when it is in an on position, when you go to put it up (or off) you feel it going in or down a wee bit more before coming free of the locking mechanism.   

Also, make sure that the cards are formatted. For SDHC it is recommended that FAT32 is used see:


Guys…thank you so much!  Both replies really helped out and resolved this issue.  The card was not going flush into the unit.  I swear I tried it numerous times last night and it would not go flush (no, really!!).  Today a co-worker (who owns the same model) asked me to try to insert the chip once again.  BINGO!  First time right in!  Not sure what happened, but it’s working now.

Thanks to both bobletteross and daytona955 for the help!!