Problem with folder labels

For some reason, when I rip a CD and then paste the files into my Fuze, the folder name has all sorts of extraneous letters and numbers in it.

For instance, I ripped an album called “Piano Sonata D571” and pasted it into the Schubert folder in my Fuze. But it displays in Windows Explorer as “C9FA0200_Piano Sonata D571” (It displays without the gibberish in the Fuze itself.)

I’ve tried ripping the CD with iTunes as well as with Windows Media Player, but it doesn’t make a difference. I’ve been ripping CDs and pasting the files into my Fuze for a couple of years, and have never had this problem before. Any idea what’s going on?

I did recently put a larger external memory card into my Fuze. Could it have something to do with that? Do I need to do something with the formatting?



This problem happens when the player’s USB mode is set to MTP or when it is set to autodetect and the player connects in MTP mode. You should use MSC mode except if you have protected files.

 Here is the easy way to fix it. I assume you have copies of all the music on your player also on your PC. If not, copy it to your pc. Next delete all the music on the the card in the player, and delete all the music in main memory. Disconnect the player, and set the USB mode on the player to MSC(settings, system settings, USB mode>MSC.) Reconnect the player and copy the music to the player again. Keep in mind that if you update the firmware on the player, you need to rest the USB mode.

If you have both classical music and rock on your player, and don’t want the clasical music movements in the song list on your player, a good way to avoid this is to put the classical music in the audiobooks folder. That is what I do. The podcasts folder would also work, however I put podcasts in there. before I did this, when I shuffled all the songs on my player, a classical movement would start playing between the rock songs. Too weird. Another way to avoid this is to give all the music on the player the same genre tag except for the classical music, but then I would always have the extra step of choosing the genre first before choosing an album all shuffling all the rock music.

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Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a whole lot of trouble to go through…especially since I think I found an easier solution. It seems like it only adds all the gibberish to longer album names. When I edit the MP3 tags to shorten the album name, and then copy the files from my computer to my Fuze, everything is fine.

If it turns out that the length of the name is not the problem, and I start having the problem again, I’ll try your solution.

Thanks again.


Just FYI, you probably don’t need to wipe the card. It doesn’t seem to make much difference which mode you use, except when you use the Internal Memory (unless of course your files are protected). I’ve noticed a number of times that songs added to the card in MTP mode show up in MSC mode, and vise versa.