4gb +8gb V1 Fuze putting randon numbers before album names on micro sd card

Hi I have a 4gb version1 fuze that is new and has been flashed to the latest level. Its a great player. I have recently put a sandisc 8gb card into it and copied some albums across. When i go into music-folders-external card-music-newfolder i am finding my albums have been re-named and have a random series of numbers and letter infront of them. The music plays fine but obviously finding the album when it has been re-named is annoying.

The internal memory doesnt seem to be affected by this problem

Is there a cure or work round?

Is there a better way i should be naming my albums?

looking forward to your replies


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The odd numbers in front of file names is one the weird things that happens when files are tranferred using MTP mode. I really wish Microsoft would have _never_ invented that stupidity!

MTP mode is only really needed if you have files that are DRM crippled (copy protected) and want to sync with Windows MediaPlayer. Otherwise, you can change the USB mode setting on the Fuze to MSC mode. Then it will work like a USB thumbdrive and you can just drag-n-drop (or copy-paste) your files in the appropriate directories on the Fuze.

Be aware that any files that were already transferred in MTP mode will not be able to seen by your computer when you change to connect in MSC mode.

Likewise, any files you put on the Fuze in MSC mode will not be able to be seen by your computer if you later connect in MTP mode.

The Fuze can see and work with files added to it in either mode.

Overall, MTP mode ends up causing way too many problems. So, unless you have DRMed files that require using MTP mode you would be better off by using MSC mode.

I’ve seen this on mine on a few albums. It seems to happen to the ones with the REALLY long names. Sound right?

@peregrine wrote:

I’ve seen this on mine on a few albums. It seems to happen to the ones with the REALLY long names. Sound right?


MTP mode does too many weird things to say for sure, but yes it does tend to do it more if the file names are quite long.

It’s not just the messing up file/folder names with numbers that’s annoying about MTP mode though. At some point it will (eventually) also corrupt files… which in turn causes the device to lock up when playing or while it tries to refresh its database. I’ve had waaaaaaaaay too many problems when using MTP. I’ve had hardly any problems at all after I decided to only use MSC mode.

Unfortunately, for those that buy (more like rent) music that is DRMed (copy protected) they have to use MTP mode (because that’s the stupidity Microsoft has forced onto people).

I’ve see this when a program (winamp I believe) decides to do a sync. It seems to happen if when I plug in the Fuze I accidently click on “open with winamp” and it does it’s sync thing

Hi, thanks miltst,i have deleted the old folders, changed the settings to MSC and re-loaded my music and the files are behaving nicely now,

Problem Solved Cheers

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MTP is not for me.

MSC will set you free!