Strange Folder Names

In some situation I have strange folder names on my Fuze.

For instance

On PC:     Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

On Fuze:   4F0F0000_Tom Petty & the Heartbreaker

Any explanation for this?

It was transferred in MTP mode, which likes to annoy people by adding random numbers to folder names.  Best thing to do, unless you need MTP features for some reason, format and reload in MSC mode.  Settings, system settings, usb mode.

You’re transferring them through Windows Media Player and MTP mode. Sometimes WMP adds stuff to the folder names, apparently to make it easier to index, though for all I know it might just be to annoy us. 

If you don’t want any changes, don’t transfer through WMP. Switch to MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode) and drag-and-drop. 

Your computer only sees files transferred in one mode at a time–MSC or MTP. Once they are on the unit the Fuze will play files from both modes. But you won’t be able to put the MSC files in a Windows Media Player playlist, if you care about that. 

If you’re using folder navigation, MSC mode might be better for you. If you’re doing a lot of sync, playlists, etc., with WMP, then don’t worry too much about the folder names.