Problem playing songs

Hello! I just bought my little Clip+ yesterday and for the most part it runs great!

But for some reason, about half or all of the songs from 4 bands I listen to won’t work. They just skip over, and if you try to play the song induvidually (like only having 1 song from an album and trying to play it), the player will crash and it has to refresh the media.

Example: Go to Led Zepplin III, play track 1: House of the Holy. Nope, skips to track 2. If track 2 doesn’t work, skips to track 3


Go to Rammstein, play any song. Skips around the entire discography with a period of about 0.5 secons continuously.

I tried deleting and then re-uploading the songs, but the same problem continues.

Could be corrupted files (where did you get them?) or bad (or wrong format) ID3 tags.

Also, are the songs that get skipped in a format the Clip can play?

I do no think they are courrupted, they run fine on my computer

What would bad ID3 tags look like?

Also, all the songs are *.mp3