Problem installing ExpressCache

I’ve seen this problem listed elsewhere, but the threads seem to have fizzled out. So…

The installer fails to find the Drive.

Windows knows it’s there, both in device manager and Disk management. It’s installed on and NVidia 790i based MoBo (Striker 2 Extreme). This has six onboard Sata ports. 4 of these are taken up with hard drives running as two (software) Raid 0 drives. One has an optical drive plugged in. The remaining one has the ReadyCache drive plugged in. This device is listed as a “SanDisk SDSDRC032G SCSI Disk Device”.

It works, I know. It’s utterly useless in Win7, however, it  has Linux installed and booting from it at the moment.

Surely, it’s possible to make the software work.

Thanks. :slight_smile: