SSD not detected by ExpressCache, is detected by everything else.


I’m trying to install the ReadyCache 32 GB SSD (SDSSDRC-032G-G26), I have an ASRock Penryn1600SLI-110dB motherboard (NVIDIA nForce 430 chipset) with two harddrives in RAID0(STRIPE).

The installer takes a while to show up and finally prompts the error message “ExpressCache did not find any ReadyCache devices on the machine. Install ReadyCache device first and then start ExpressCache install again. Setup will now exit.”.

The SanDisk SDSSDRC032G doesn’t show in the device manager, but it does show up in the NVidia Storage Configuration:

Adding the disk as STRIPE or SPAN/JBOD makes the disk accessible to Windows, but ExpressCache will still refuse to install.

I’ve tried different cables, different ports, but nothing helped. Checked both the bios and the built-in raid controller settings; nothing.

The RC SSD cannot be part of your RAID. It will work with a RAID set up but the Readycache SSD can’t be behind the RAID controller. Basically you need the ReadyCache SSD to show up in device manager. The Expresscache software must see the Readycache SSD in device manager in order for it to install. 

The SSD is not part of the raid, as the screenshot shows. The software will still refuse to install.

I think this means that this product will NOT work on the NVidia NForce 4 generation (and possibly before?).

The SSD can’t be part of the RAID and it cannot be behind the RAID controller. I see in your set up the SSD is not part of your striped array however it seems to be behind the RAID controller. Do you have other SATA ports not on the same controller on your MB? If so you could try it there. If not it may not work in your particular setup.