Problem formatting Sandisk m240 version -3.28A

I have a Sandisk m240 version -3.28A. When I tried to turn on the player, (by pressing the on/off button), it would come on for a second and then go off. There wasn’t any message about low battery. This is a rechargeable NiMH battery that is several years old, but I just charged it. I don’t have this problem if I use a fresh alkaline battery. At any rate, using the NiMH battery, I tried to turn it on, but this time I held down the on/off button for about 30 seconds. Something bad happened at this point. I got a (DB?) message about not enough space. ( I am using about half of the 1GB capacity.) Upon further looking, I noticed that 2 songs could not be found or played. However, when I connected to the computer, I could see all the songs. I then downloaded all the songs to the computer as a back up.

Other problems I noticed:

  1. using fresh battery, when I turned on the player, if I tried to play the song that first appeared, there was no time associated with the song and it would not play. The player was completely locked up. I had to remove the battery .

  2. if I turned on the player and didn’t play the song that appeared, but rather skipped to the next song, then I could play all the songs normally (except the 2 songs that disappeared.

  3. I tried a Windows format (in MSC class) but after a few seconds, Windows said it could not format the player

  4. I tried to use Windows explorer to delete (one by one) all of the files. They would delete in Windows explorer, but all the files reappeared if I disconnected and reconnected the player. In short, I could not delete any files with Windows explorer.

I had the same problem if I tried to add any files. I could not add any files.

  1. I tried removing the battery and holding the on/off button for 30 seconds, but this did not solve the problem

  2. Then I used Windows Media Player (ver 9.) and tried to delete all the files that way. This seemed to actually delete the files. Then I was able to successfully format with Windows. After this, I added all of the songs back on the player and now it seems to work normally.

Can someone tell me what happened? It seems that without Windows Media Player, my Sandisk would be broken forever.

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The minimum system requirements for you player requires a Windows media player, but in addition to that I would like to suggest to update your Windows Media Player to 10 or 11, what happen in your case is that you have encountered a possible file corruption and deleting and erasing everything on your device will fix it, for now I stronlgy suggest to upgrade you Windows Media Player to 10 or 11 by going to

Hope this helps. :wink: