Potential buyer with some basic questions

Hello and thanks for reading this!

  1. I listen to very long mp3 files, they are recordings of a radio show i enjoy. Does the Sansa wheel allow for fast forwarding and rewinding like the ipod click wheel does? In the store the only way i could get it to FF through the music file was to hold down the right part of the wheel.

  2. Can I drag and drop files onto the player as you would a usb drive? (I have grown to HATE itunes)

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The wheel on the Clip is decorative and does not turn.  You FF/REW just as you did:  simply hold the FF/REW position down.  (Personally, I prefer that to a spinning wheel, etc.)

And yep, just drag and drop–it’s simple and wonderful.

I have sansa view mp3 player. I have copied photes into my mp 3 player.photes are not showing in full screen, even those photoes are exists in my mp3 player before like dog,sky are not showing full screen.

when i play video ,display is not showing

Thanks for the reply Miikerman.

If one holds the FF button down for longer than a couple of seconds will it FF faster?

Absolutely–speeds up as you continue to hold it down.

(And for Sansa View questions (the question above the last), best to post to that forum–this is for the Clip.)

And yes, you can add files by dragging and dropping. It will appear as a removable drive (E:, F: or whatever) if you connect in MSC mode; or inside “My Computer” in the default MTP mode.

(You can also use Windows Media Player to sync files to the Clip, but you don’t have to)

The only confusing part is the difference between MSC/MTP mode: files copied onto the Clip in one mode are not visible in the other, so you may end up wondering where your tracks went unless you consistently connect in the same mode. Don’t let that put you off though - just pick one method and stick to it.

Read this thread for a better explanation of this topic (particularly the comments by Skinjob)