I need help putting music on my Sansa Clip+

I put a number of cds on my Sansa Clip +.  I doesn’t work any more.

I have called Sansa support and they weren’t much help.

I find the Sansa manual unusable.

Can anybody give me a detailed guide on how to put new music on the Sansa Clip+.

My version of the Windows Media Player doesn’t look anything like the WMP pictures in the Sansa’s guide.

For example, my WMP does not have “Library” at the top.

Do you have your music on your computer in a place you can find it?

Is it in .mp3 or .wma files? (Not iTunes files, m4a or m4p or aac.)

Then you don’t need WMP. You can just drag and drop them onto the unit or a microSD card in the slot.

On the unit, go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC.

Connect the Sansa. Open the driveletter that says Sansa Fuze or the one after it that says Removable Disc.

Copy-and-paste your music files onto the driveletter or, if you prefer, into the Music folder or any folder you want to make. Done. 

Meanwhile, if they are iTunes files, then go into iTunes, go to the album, highlight all the files, right-click and choose Create mp3 version.  Then find the mp3 files on your computer and copy-and-paste them over.

Do note:  your computer, in showing what is on the player, will only shows the files that were transferred to the player in the same USB mode that you now are connected under (MSC or MTP).  Hence, a good reason to stick to one mode (and to avoid the Auto USB setting, that can switch between the 2 modes), set under the player’s System settings.  If you have files on the player transferred under both modes, you can switch to one mode, transfer the shown music to your computer (deleting it off the player), switch to the other USB mode, and transfer back.

Personally, I prefer MSC mode–it just works.  But you may need MTP mode if you have DRM-protected files.

Hope this helps.