Poor battery performance

I’m on my second Clip Sport specifically because of the battery.  Neither one has thrilled me with it’s battery life.  I listen to audio books daily (probably one to two hours daily) and I’m seeing maybe five days on a charge.  That’s between five and ten hours per charge.  I’ve cut the display time down, turned the radio function off, turned the sport function off, cut the auto shutoff time down, manually turn the player off when I stop listening, The audiobooks that I’m listening to are at 64ebps, so that should actually be better than the 128kbps that the specs show for the battery life test.  I don’t know what else to do.  The only thing that I haven’t tried is comparing battery life between the internal and external storage, as I keep my books on a microsd card.

By comparison, my old clip (which is dying, which necessitated the purchase of this player) was probably giving me well in excess of 10 hours play time between charges, and I’ve been using it almost daily for probably five years or better.

Has anybody else seen this behavior?

There have not been any posts about battery life. I would try moving the files to the internal storage and see if you see any better battery life. 

Except that, should that really be necessary?

No, but it might help identify a previously unknown (or un-reported) issue that could be addressed by the dev. team at SanDisk.  :wink:

I’ll probaably give that a shot, once I finish the current book.  Still, you’d think that SanDisk would have thouroughly tested these little beasties BEFORE shipping them.

Once I figure out if that’s the issue, I’ll post back here.