battery issue

hello , i have a  problem with my sansa sport , i’m not sure about what’s actually wrong with battery  , but its look like charged 50% and it turns off and then shows “battery low” , im not sure hom much it exactly works from full charged , but i’m pretty sure not even close to 25 hours . anybody have the same problem ? 

No such issue here–it could be a battery electronics issue.  I would return it for a new one.

I had the same problem with my old Clip.  Fortunately, it was under warranty.  Unfortunately, Best Buy only offered Clip Sport, which is so buggy I’l be taking it back and shopping for something else.

Ok , thanks for reply . I charged it to 100% then turn the radio on and left it for night , it works 12 hours from 100% to 0.

you will not see the advertised battery life when running the radio. the radio receiver typically uses more power. To measure battery you should use MP3 files that are 128kbps set to repeat and do not wake the screen.