battery life and storage

For the last few months I have noticed that the batter life has drastically gone down. I can listen to my music for maybe 30 to 40 minutes. turn it off and the next day I have noticed the battery life has gone from full to nearly gone or gone. Is this a sign of MP3 player batter dieing?  should i buy a new one?

Something else is I have to charge it for a  heck of a lot longer then I should. It normally locks on battery low screen or refreshing media screen too.

Also, I have a 32G micro sd card in my 8G MP3 player. I only see 2000 songs which I know is not all I have on the disk. Why does it not see all the music?

A few suggestions:

Battery Problems?

    Make sure you are turning off the player when you are done listening, not just leaving it on Pause.

    Maybe check your Power Saver Setting.  I use “5 Mins”.  Will autimatically shut off the player if left in pause mode for 5 mins

    Maybe try using a different micro USB charging cable. I always get best charging and data communication results with the micro USB cable that came with my Clip Sport.

2000 Song Limit in Music Database?
    Maybe take a look at all the replies in this long message about beta Firmware 1.28 in the SanDisk Forum for Clip Sport

    I think the 4000 file limit allowed in the beta firmware is a good match for the file capacity of a 32gb micro SD card.

I turn it off after I am done listening to it. I only used the usb cable that it came with to charge it.

Ok I get that a firmware maybe the reasoning to only seeing 2k or so songs.