4300 Songs on SDHC, Clip Says 2000

HI, hope I’m not asking an annoying question that I should know the answer to. Recently purchased 32GB card to put 4300 songs from my Sony player on new Clip Sport . Card reads on Clip as 2000 songs. What am I doing wrong? New Firmware or something? Please let me know . Thank you in advance.

Nope, you’re fine. But the Clip Sport has a limitation of 2000 songs/files for each the internal and external memory card. And they cannot be merged as in other previous Sansa player.

If you want to carry/store/listen to more songs than this, I suggest you return it and buy either a Clip+ or Clip Zip; both full-featured models. They will both play music from both memory locations seamlessly and if I recall correctly their database limitation is 8000 tracks (total).

Or you can use the folder mode, which circumvents the file number limit, but offers limited functionality.

Thank you!

Create plylist * .m3u, and you can put into play to 9999 files * .mp3, * .wma, * .flac … etc.

That’s a great idea, Ansambla! I’ve tried this before, but via folder view, without success. Now, via «Card», it is working and after all shows 4055 of the stored 6118 on the display during playback. I just don’t know where to start to make the missing 2063 files playable. No matter how I sort the tracks in the several created playlists, the Sport ignores most of the songs in the Jazz folder and all songs in the Classical folder – it has a strong preference for Pop. And it always just accepts 4055 songs.

In my view, those files are corrupted (2063). I recommend removing these files in the MicroSD card and re-upload them to MircoSD card.

No, they’re fine and play properly via folder view.

I tried it with  a renaming of the folders to «Pop J», «Pop K» and «Pop P» and created a new playlist with Foobar. With the result that as soon as I added «Pop P» (the original «Pop» folder) to the playlist, the card disconnected itself. And from then on the player also refused to refresh the database and often needed a hard reset and/or reinsertion of the card to be ready for the connection to the computer again. In hindsight it may not have been a good idea to leave the old playlists with now invalid paths on the player. In short: all that’s left to do now was remormatting the card.

Fortunately I had an up-to-date «image» of the card on the computer, so it was no problem, only a question of time, to refill it. The first try with all 6119 MP3s ended up with only 4258 acepted by the Sport – the end of the list was simply cut off. So I began to purge it according to my musical preferences, which resulted in 4193 tracks. Of which the Sport accepted 4133 after all. I have no clue which 60 have been peculated. However, I think I can live with the result for now.

With the folder structure on the 64 GB card this Sport is at least much faster than the second unit with all files in the «Music» folder without subfolders on the 64 GB card, a configuration which massively slows it down and makes it virtually only usable as a shuffle player. Nevertheless, I wonder why your (Ansambla’s) Sport manages to deal with 9999 files in a playlist without any of my problems. Although I’m of course aware that the Sport is one buggy little player. I still like its sonic characteristic (although it’s a long way to my newly acquired FiiO X5).

According to me is damaged Micro SD card. I recommend replaced with “Class 4 Micro SD !!!” - Those are no problems. But not MicroSD SanDisk - those that do not fit for this MP3 player.

The player accepts the microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC physical-sized cards, including that from SanDisk.