plese help me! my sansa clip freezing in the message full BD

When I turn on my sansa I receive a message stating: no space for BD of music. Delet 30Mb.
The Sansa don’t allow me to go trhow this msg. I already tryed to download the software update but it didn’t work also.
When I connect to my laptop the system do not reconized the Sansa. If I go to Computer I can see the Sansa Icon but I can not open or explore the Sansa. Every time I try the computer freeze the screen. I already tryed another computers and samething happens.

Your player needs to be formatted but formatting the player will delete everything opn your device, we will try to put it on force MSC;

Put the player on hold by toggling the on/off switch downward to put it on hold, then press the center button while connecting it to your computer, when it is connected try to format it again and if same thing happen you can call SanDisk hotline to have it replaced. :wink: