Please help me

Ok, so I have a Sansa Connect, I have download music from Best Buy’s Rhapsody with no problems. I download and purchased the Yahoo! Music Jukebox and Yahoo! Unlimited To Go. However, I cannot get my Sansa to connect to the Get More Music function. It still says I need a subscription. Also, I have tried downloading music from the Jukebox and it won’t download…can anyone help me?  I am really bummed about this mess.

In order to download subscription music via the Get More Music function via WiFi on your Connect, and to download subscription music via USB using Y! Music Jukebox, you need to have a Yahoo Music Unlimited TO GO subscription.  If you have just the “Unlimited” account, you are only permitted to donload to your PC.  To verify which type of account you have, open YMJ and click the “My Account” button.  If your account type does not show a “To Go” subscription, you will need to cancel your subscription and visit the following link to sign up for the To Go tier to be able to transfer music to your portable player.

I have the Unlimited To Go subscription. I don’t know what else to do. I have contacted Yahoo! Music, but they are still unable to help me resolve the problem. Any other information or pieces I am missing that I should be looking for???

First off, you need to start the Yahoo! To Go subscription from scratch and it must be under a US account. There are other posts that say if you changed from regular Unlimited to “To Go”, it won’t work.

If that’s not the issue, I would use the settings on the Connect to do a “factory reset”. This will reset your preferred networks and passwords so you will have to re-enter them. It will also erase all content on the player but it sounds like you have none atm.

Other than this, we need more details on your problem.

“can’t download music from Yahoo jukebox” - Please be more specific. You’ve connected to your PC with the USB and does the Sansa show up in Yahoo! Jukebox? What errors if any does it give when you tranfer music? Are you able to listen to Launchcast stations and can you skip songs in Launchcast?