Unlimited To Go PLEASE HELP!

I have the Sansa Connect. I have a Yahoo Music Unlimited To Go account. BUT whenever I try to use these features on my Sansa, it says to get a subscription for Unlimited To Go. How do I fix this? I have Unlimited To Go, but how do I make it so my Sansa knows this? PLEASE HELP!!

Are you using a US based Yahoo! account?  If not, this may be the reason you cannot use any of the To Go features.  Are you positive you have a To Go account?  You can check using Yahoo Music Jukebox. 

If you are, and you’re still unable to use the To Go feature, try a reset and erase of the device.  Only do this if you don’t care about losing the music that is currently on your device.  Once this is complete you’ll have to re-enter your Yahoo Account information.  Hopefully this time around you will be able to use the To Go features.

Hope this helps.


Can you verify that you still have the To Go account?

Go to ‘My Account’ in YMJ. Look under Products & Services

It needs to specifically state: Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go: Subscribed

If it only says Yahoo! Music Unlimited: Subscribed, then you don’t have the To Go tier

Reference the instructions in the FAQs to change to the To Go tier.

hello, i purchased this unit for my nephew and signed him up for unlimited too…but had to cancel the unlimited and then sign up again w/ the “go” before it would work. Just unlimited would not - and there was no way to simply add the “go” part without cancelling. Hope this helps.