Please Help! I think the disk is dust.

I have a Cruzer Sandisk 8GB.  It was working fine at 8:00 pm this evening.  However, I was completing some work at about 12:00 and noticed the light was off.  I pulled it out and it felt hot to the touch.  I tried inserting it in other outlets and it does the same thing - no light, and hot to the touch.  I have so much stuff on it … and … am about to have a complete break down.  If it is a done disk … how does it get that way?  Can I retrieve what was on it?  Thanks!

If it’s plugged into the computer now, unplug it and leave it alone for several hours. Allow it to cool completely before trying it again.

No problem … will do!

I have let the flashdrive sit over night and cool.  I plugged it in a few minutes ago and it began to warm up - no light and no recognition by the computer.  Any other suggestions?