Cruzer 8GB Stops after a few days

I just set up a new system which boots Linux off a USB drive.  The drive is set up for access like a hard drive normally would be.  I am able to boot fine and it stays up and running for 1~2 days, but then the drive stops responding (programs in memory continue to run, anything that needs to read files off the drive hangs or gives I/O error).

If I simply restart the computer, it does not fix the problem…the BIOS does not even seem to enumerate it properly.  I have to either power off the computer or the drive (by unplugging).  After cycling power or re-plugging the drive, I can reboot and continue the boot process.  The drive continues to run for a a day or two and then I have the same problem.

I’ve tried disabling ACPI in case it’s not waking up from a power-down event, but it didn’t make a difference.

Any chance the drive itself is overheating?  If not, it must have buggy firmware or USB driver.  I might try to take it apart in case it’s overheating…  Any one with similar experience leaving their drive plugged in for a long period of time?

“Any chance the drive itself is overheating?”