Cruzer Glide 8GB stopped working

My two week old Cruzer Glide 8GB flash drive has suddenly stopped working. It does not show under ‘My Computer’, nor is the little light on it flashing.

I have tried it on a different computer without success.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Can the information on the drive be recovered?


Does anyone have any ideas?

It sounds like it’s not getting power.

Can the information on the drive be recovered?

Not unless the power problem is resolved. Check the drive’s contacts, make sure they aren’t bent or oxidized.  Try different USB ports, USB 2.x vs USB 3.x.  Try more computers.  If the files are important find a local repair shop and see if they can check the contacts.  Formatting and recovery apps won’t fix this problem. 

SanDisk will replace the drive but not the files.

Thanks for the advice!

Hi, Geraldo

Microsoft provide a “HotFix” Utility which helps to overcome this problem you can download this utility from microsoft offical web site. 

Hi Geraldo, quick one here, were you able to fix this? Can you also please share?