Please Help!!!!! Corrupt CR2 files on Extreme Pro CompacFlash card (I shoot with a Canon Mark 5)

Hi guys…please let me know if you have ever heard of this happening and know a solution.

I am a professional photographer in the middle of my busy season.  I should be shooting with two cards…but I am learning the hard way.  I am using a 64 GB chip.  I did one photoshoot…chimped through it on my Mac in Adobe Lightroom, ejected it, then shot a seperate photoshoot the following day.  When I tried to import my files yesterday the first shoot is all corrupted except two files.  The second shoot (that I did not look through on Lightroom is fine).  I can see that the metadata is there but I can not open it on mine or any ones elses computer (nor can I play the images back on my camera).  Is there a program I can use to open my files?  I am so sad and deperate.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions at all.  Thank you so much

Julie Monticello