Another corrupt files thread!

I have been using transcend cards without a single corrupt file or card failure for quite some time now.

I went out on a limb and bought 2 16GB CF Pro 90Mbs ultra DMA cards ater buying a Canon 1D Mark IV.

Now for the issues.

All of the files are corrupted in some fashion. I shoot jpeg and RAW files.

All of the Jpegs show image degradation and about half of the RAW files cant be opened with Canon DPP or Adobe Camera Raw plugin or Adobe Lightroom 3. The same holds true on two different machines, one running Windows 7 and the other Windows XP. Its not the camera as I can shoot all day and most of tomorrow with the transcend cards and not a single failure or corrupt file.

What I want to know is did I just pay a premium price to get corrupted files. Is there some special formatting that is  needed with Sandisk CF cards? I have had several shoots completely ruined as a result of this and at this point went back to the non failing transcend cards I already had. Did Sandisk jump the gun and produce a card that is not capable of UDMA and instead of slowing down just goes ahead and corrputs your files for you free of charge? Im a bit disgusted ATM. I bought these from a reputable dealer, B&H photo in NYC. Before I return them I would like to at least try and make them work, if not its back to the transcend for me without looking back.

the cards are UDMA capable with out a doubt. I use the 64GB Extreme Pro cards with no issues in several different cameras. That being said are these failures happening on one or both cards? any information about how you are shooting would be a help as well. also can you reproduce the failures 100% of the time or are they intermittent?  

The failures are happening on both cards, the jpeg degradation is 100% all the time every image, the corrupt RAW files are intermittant and not caused by any certain condition. OUt of 100 shots at least 10 of the Raw files will be corrupted, the corruption increases to 25-30 when shooting in burst mode which is what made me question the capability of the cards write speed. It doesnt happen with slower 300x transcend cards.