Ultra II CompactFlash wont read! "Cannot create folder" error! PLEASE HELP!!

i took a photo with my Cannon EOS 40D using my CF Ultra II Card. I decided to upload the photo to my computer, connected the CF Card to my adapter, opened up CF folder, and i noticed an odd folder, stupid me deleted it (not DCIM or MISC, it was something else), later realizing it must have been the programs files.

I remove the CF card out of the adapter and took a look at the pins in the adapter. I noticed one of the pins have bent and needed to be fixed, i’ve done this many times, so im straighting out the pin with my tool and the pin broke off! that was it for my adapter! i took my CF card and plugged it into my camera, took my USB cord and connected it with my computer that way.

Comes to find out, the CF card would pop up showing the memory space within the CF card, but wouldnt show my photos! nor the folders! i took a look at my camera and a " ! cannot create folder" notification appears! i cant take any photos, it notifys me that i have no photos. 

i have other CF cards, plugged them to my camera booted them up on my computer, and the files would read, photos would appear and folders would show. 

i messed up! what should i do?! i tryed using memory card recover programs on my computer, but it wouldnt read my CF card. is there anything i can do without taking my card out to the shop or sending it out? im sure its a minor problem. i just messed up the program files! 

please help me! i really want to recover my photos! thank you! reply asap, i hope yall understood my issue, let me know if i need to clarify things more clearly! 

i finally got to open the CF card on my computer, i still have three folders none of them is deleted, NAWBOH~1, MISC, DCII but none of them would open! it would notify me as " the file or directory is corrupted or unreadable" any advice?!