Crashed Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card

Hey guys, last week I was transferring my pics of a show in MSG, NYC to my laptop/lightroom. All of a sudden, it stopped and cardreader/laptop didn’t find card anymore. Card appeared to have crashed or something. Went to several resellers in NYC but no one could help me out. Anyone any suggestions left what to do with the card? Kinda desperate to get the photo’s on it back!
Hope anyone has a solution. Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Floris 

Is the card being detected on other computers now?

If the card cannot be read on two or three computers, too bad dude, the card is faulty.

Go get an exchange.

If you have data in the card, try some data recovery programs before exchanging.

Unfortunately, there’s no hard reset for a card. You can just probably buy a new one.