What settings though?

What settings though?

My question as well. I started with a 150MB .avi file and ended up with a 600MB .mp4 file, which wouldn’t play on my computer, much less my Sansa. And that was after an hour of CPU-pinning effort (on my dual-core, 4GB system).

i used those settings

@apix wrote:
check my sig and see if that works for you. Make sure to download the free one, and have the rez at 320x240 (i use vid bitrate 384 or close to that and audio 128kbps /44100khz)

I was having the same problem and then I read the response about switching from MSC to MTP mode and it worked perfectly for mpg videos.

Just go to Settings-USB Mode and switch.

Hi Apix,

Your any media converter worked perfectly fine for me. I’ve one more issue, may be you can help me.

I’ve my music stored in .rm format which sansa player does not support and so i can not transfer them and play in the MICRO SD card.

Can you suggest free media converter which can convert the format from .rm to any supported file format. Kindly suggest the free one as it does not make sense to buy just for this reason.

Thanks in Advance


You will have to find a converter to change them into mp3 or wav format.

Any converter which i can download fro free like Any Media Converter  for Video files

You’ll have to search online.  This is the first time I’ve seen your questions, so I haven’t seen any answers on this forum.

Check or other places

Try too


I tried google and, but NO success as such, kindly help. Being a student can not afford to buy software.

Being a student and fulltime worker I don’t have time to find stuff for you. It’s available out there for free- you’ll have to find it though.

software?? where?

At the “Soft” store.

Hey i was just reading this thread and it looks helpful however im using the Sandisk Connect. And im having troubles adding video to my player as well.  I try to goto settings on my newly updated firmware player but it dosnt have the USB mode as an option. When i try to drag and drop files, it times out and says the player rejected it.  Can anyone help please? Even the sandisk media convertor dosnt work either. It just gives me the error that it wont wrie the files on my player.

What type of file are you attempting?

I doubt the connect works just like the other players, thus the lack of usb modes. (You could read up on your player to find out though.)

When I drag/drop files it has issues with dragging multiple files at a time- so I drag one file to the Sansa Media Converter, wait until it finally shows up, then can drag multiple files…

I have read on the Sandisk COnnect Manual that there are 2 ways to convert and transfer videos.

  1. You can use sandisk mdeia convertor

  2. You use windows exploerer and you drag and drop files to their respective folders.

I have used a video convertor to convert videos into 320 x 240 MP4 files.  However when i try to connect my Sandisk Sansa and drag and drop the files into the Video Folder.  It takes a very long time, the green bar showing completion never grows and sooner or later it times out and says that it has been rejected by the Sandisk Sansa. 

When i try to use the sandisk media convertor, it succesfully converts the video into its proper format but fails to write on my Sandisk Sansa. 

I only drag and drop 1 file at a t time and it still dosnt work.  I think the connect dosnt have a choice between mtp and msc usb modes.     

Are you waiting for the Connect to connect?
Do you have issues transferring music?

Music is very easy to transfer.
The connect is already connected to my computer.