please help advise before i go crazyyyyyysum one help me ASAP pleaseeee

hi i have  bought a fuze and the concept and everything seem cool BUT

i have loaded formatted reloaded the songs 3 times and if no one can help i shall screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam:womanmad:

i have made separate folders for each artist and in the folders put thier albums for example crowded house

inside folder crowded house time on earth etc etc

now for some reason some “artists” keep the folder together then when i look other lists the albums enclosed within the folders are all over the place

all i want is to be able to click on each folder then open a specific album I DONT want them all higgledypiggledy  but i cant seem to achieve this

i spent three hours last night sorting the folders renaming them correctly and when i had done loaded etc

i switched on they were just the same some folders keeping the  inside albums together some were all over the place and albums cut up etc i can bear it!

and half the loaded music has dissapeared! and i have formatted and re loaded and it is still the same

what can i do is there  a soloution?

Generally, the Fuze sorts music by the tags included in the track file (WMA, MP3 etc). So it doesn’t care what folder or file name you use for the track, the Fuze looks inside the file for the artist/album/track/etc info. Then it sorts all the tracks using that info.

If you want to sort your tracks by folder/filename, you need to update to the latest firmware (see sticky). Then you will get a ‘Folder’ option in the ‘Music’ menu. In there everything is sorted by which folder it is in, and what its filename is.

Oh, and when you post in the forum, it helps if the title of your post is a clear summary of what the problem is.
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thankyou it worked and has made me a happy lady


i tried to do the firmware update yesterday and it wouldnt do it but today it did and i have the folders now and iam happy


Welcome to the pleasures (& occasional pains!) of Fuze ownership :wink:


 Iam a loyal Archos owner also but wanted a diddy player when i dont want to take my 605 with me i have the 105 but can only fit 10 albums on so the 8gig with a 8 gig memory card suits me  :slight_smile:

that is why the file system was anoying me soooooooooooooooooo much LOL I have to be able to go to a specific folder to hear what i want and find it where i want it lol :slight_smile:

so folder option is a great no EXCELLANT feature :slight_smile: