Please Activate Devise

Hi every one, I just bought this sandisk clip sport, put an audio book on it and when I hit play it says please activate device. The lousy ysers manual says nothing about this. Can anybody help me out here?

Where is the audiobook from? Some services let you download as much content as you want, however you have to keep paying their monthly fees, or else the files no longer play. Is this an Audible file? The Clip Sport supoorts Audible but none of the other music services that use proptected files. To get protected files from other sources to play, you need the Sandisk clip Zip, Clip+ or Fuze. None of these support protected files from Apple though.

If this Audiobook is from Audible, I guess you might need to open Windows Media Player, connect the player, then log into your Audible account and get this player authorized? Just a guess though, As I never used Audible or any online music services. I buy my music on CD. I don’t listen to audiobooks. Sometimes I listen to some podcasts that are available for free.