playlists, whats the story?

hi all

I used to have the sansa clip (2Gb) it was great, I could listern to albums, my own created playlists , and audio books… unfortunately it had an accident at the gym… 

so I went looking for a MP3 payer to replace it … found the sansa clip+ 4Gb great I though same as the old one but upgraded!


  1. I can load and play my audio books

  2. I can transfer my albums… and listern to them … just not my playlists…

I use windows media player 10 (old laptop vista SP2)

I have created playlists in accordance with the manual, I have transfered the music as per the manual.

The sansa clip+ will not see them, it just adds them to the album list…  at first I thought the sansa clip+ was broken, I have taken it back and got a replacement…

but I still have the same problem.

  1. I have checked the cable with my old sansa clip (2Gb) (same cable) no improvement

  2. used a differnt laptop (new one windows 7) same problem.

has anybody got any suggestions? 

have givern up… found old sansa clip 2Gb, and found it still has life in it… it works with windows 7 no problems and with the audio books… and I can update and create aswell as play my playlists on it .  As the saying go’s “if it anit broke don’t fix it”. I have been fighting with this problem with the sansa clip+ for over 72hrs… I have followed the online maunal and it still does not work… so sorry sansa clip+ you don’t do it for me. 

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What USB mode was the clip, and what USB mode is the clip+?  If the clip was MTP and the clip+ MSC, that might be your problem.

thank you…

I checked my sansa clip+ and it was on Auto detect. I changed it to MTP and it works. my laptop now even puts a picture to my device…!

This  is what I did with the sansa Clip+ to get the playlists on  (I am using windows7)

1)on the sansa clip+, press the small button with the house icon above it.

  1. the “Music >” icon will appeare

  2. press the “down/submenu/options” button  (button 7 in the quick start guide booklet)

  3. untill you see the “settings >” Icon

  4. press the “select/center button” (button 6 in the QSG booklet)

  5. you will see a list appear with “<Music options>” , “<Audiobook options>” etc…

  6. press the “down/submenu/options button” to find  “<Systems Settings>”

  7. press the “select/center button” another list will appear with “<backlight>”, “<power saver>”, “<sleep>” etc…

  8. press the “down/submenu/options button” to find “<USB Mode>”

  9. press the “select/center button”  you have 3 options:-

  • Auto Detect
  • MTP
  • MSC
  1. press the “down button”  to MTP and press the “select/Center button”  

  2. you will see “<USB Mode>” thats it, the mode is set.

  3. I then pluged the sansa clip+ into the laptop and went into windows media player. I transfered my albums and playlist across using the “drag and drop” method on media player.  

  4. I then sync’d the device the music was transfered across with no problems 

  5. unpluged the device when the “sync” had finished and checked. I now have all the albums that I want, I can see my playlists in the playlist menu and play them.

hope this helps 


PS my old sansa clip worked on MSC, if you find MTP does not work for you follow the process and change to MSC which is one of the other options.

George - thanks for your comments. Yes, they helped a lot!!!

I use Window Media Player and it works suprisingly well - I see why they say to build playlists first - because you only have to sync PLAYLISTs - Media Player copies ALL OF THE TRACKS in the playlist!! Pretty cool.


Playlists are much easier in MTP mode, since you can control the Clip as a media device.  Learning the WiMP interface can be tricky at first, but simply dragging and dropping your desired tracks into a playlist is a wonderful thing.

One click of the sync button, and you are done.

You can also build playlists by a simple drag-and-drop method, if you right click on your first track using Windows Explorer, when looking at your music on the PC, for those who manually manage your music files.  If the device is connected in MTP mode, create playlist is one of the options available if you right click on a music file.

As you drag the music files into the list, you’re only dragging the file names into the list (you’re not making duplicates of your music).  If desired, by highlighting any one of the listed names, the playback sequence can also be decided.  Simply drag the names into the desired order. Pretty cool, huh?

Bob  :wink: