Playlists not transferring?

Can somebody give me some guidance on playlists? I’m using media monkey (just started using it- newbie), and they playlists I create in media monkey do not seem to transfer over to the player.

Playlists in general drive me crazy- I switched my only E200 over to rockbox so I could work with things in a file system- I liked being able to transfer over whole folders with whole albums in them, and would typically listen to music album by album, or just totally random.

With the connect, I can’t seem to transfer playlists- they don’t show up under the music library. Help?

I use MediaMonkey with my Connect, and have no problem transferring playlists.

In MediaMonkey, make sure you’ve got your Connect configured with the following:

  1. “Auto-sync list” tab, “Playlists” tab - select the playlists you want to transfer.

  2. “Device configuration” tab - make sure “Copy playlists” is checked

  3. “Device configuration” tab - click the “Options” button next to the “Copy playlists” checkbox, and make sure that “Library Playlists” is checked

Also, make sure you don’t disconnect your Connect from USB until the playlists have stopped transferring … this happens after the songs have finished transferring.

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There are multiple ways on transferring playlist and it is up to you which helps you easier :wink:

Creating playlist using WMP11;


Creating playlist using M3U;