Hi, since I finally clear all my doubts I’ve been trying to put playlists on my device but I can’t. If someone can put playlists on the Connect explain if I need some program: MediaMonkey, WM10 or just make it on explorer and drop it. Thanks

Any music manager which can sync in MTP should be able to put a playlist (created by that music manager) on the Connect.  I do it with MediaMonkey all the time.

Can you post how you make a playlist and how sinc it with MediaMonkey?

  1. On the left-side of MediaMonkey, right click “Playlists” and select “New Playlist”.

  2. Name the playlist.

  3. On the left-side of MM, click on Library, select and drag songs to your playlist now shown under “Playlists”.

  4. When done, right-click on your playlist, select “Send to…”, and then select "Sansa Connect (Synchronize) ".

Thanks PromisedPlanet, help me a lot. Also if someone has another procedure to make playlists post it to compare

Creating a playlist with WMP10: