Playlists for Sansa Connect

I am new to MP3 players and I’m having what I  think is a problem with Playlists.

What I would like to do is create several playlists that would let me arrange songs for certain moods or times and be able to select them easily on my Sansa.

Also, since the lists might contain some of the same songs, I don’t want to have multiple copies on my player (old school-don’t waste memory-its precious).

I am using Media Monkey-the freeware version for now- and have created Playlists on it. When I go to download it to my Connect , the songs download but there is no playlist.

I have seen things about MSC versus MTP but can’t find any reference under Vista for either.

Any help or a pointer to more information would be appreciated.


I sync playlists to my Connect with MediaMonkey all the time, and have no problem.  How exactly are you doing it with MediaMonkey?

Re MSC vs. MTP, the Connect only supports MTP.

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