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Can somebody help me out? Spent lot of a time creating some playlists in Media Monkey. Then exported them to my Fuze (8gb). But now it seems the Fuze wont recognize them. I choose for playlists in the music option and then click on the name. I wait a lot of time, actually thought it froze, but nothing happens!

HELPPP!! What am I doing wrong?

I’ve never tried using MediaMonkey for playlists. For the heck of it try the free Playlist Creator 3. Point it at the directory or files and tell it what to call the playlist and where to put it and click on create. Do that for just one album and see if it works for you. I havent played with MMs playlist creation since it seems too counter-intuitive to me (I’m sure it’s just me tho)

I think that is actually one of MM’s strength’s, playlisting, actually.

Create a playlist and drag -n- drop.

Thanks for the replies. I think I saw what I was doing wrong. I wasn’t selecting files from the Fuze itself, but from my computer. I guess that was the problem.

You need to go under the sync settings for the device, and go under playlists, and select the playlist. That should do it, at least in MTP mode.

The Mediamonkey experiment for playlists is over. I think I’m gonna stick with winamp.

Now you can see the tracks…but you keep pressing play play, but the playlist won’t play.

I just did one in MM.  I haven’t made any playlists really.   I did some before but not really.

Plug in the Fuze in MSC mode

Choose the songs you want, right click on them.

Choose Send to.

Choose Playlist

Choose your playlist (or New Playlist and name it).

…Repeat for all the songs you want.

When you’re done go to the Playlist section on the left. 

Right click on the playlist you want.

Choose Send To

Click on .m3u Playlist

Choose the folder (I choose my card)

Save (you will need to rename it here)

It puts it on there.  At least it did for me.

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Syncing pla playlists in MTP is easy with MM (if you sync rather than drag and drop), you just add the playlists to the sync list in the options for the player.  If you don’t use MTP and/or don’t sync… can’t help, sorry.

Thanks guys! I’ll give it a try…for the winamp you had to use drop and drag via the windows explorer. Is that the same with MM?

Have you tried YAPL at all? I need all the feedback I can get :slight_smile:

It makes playlists for the Fuze. New version 0.4 is coming out this evening all being well.


@bandabou wrote:

Thanks guys! I’ll give it a try…for the winamp you had to use drop and drag via the windows explorer. Is that the same with MM?


I didn’t do any drag and drop in MM.  I did it the long way as I explained.  All the right clicking… :slight_smile:

Of course I didn’t try drag and drop.   Give it a try and let us know.

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