Need help using Micro SD card with playlists, Media Monkey

Hi, just got an 8 gb Fuze and an 8 gb MicroSD card and am still trying to figure it out. I’ve had a Clip for about a year and have loved it, but I’m finding the Fuze a bit of a different animal.

Here’s my question. I use Media Monkey to create playlists. I don’t like WMP or WinAmp, I like Media Monkey. I am able, as I have done in the past with a clip, to create playlists and send them to the Fuze’s internal memory through Media Monkey. However, what I would like to do is create playlists and send them to the MicroSD card as well. I am not seeing any option for doing that with Media Monkey. Is that possible with Media Monkey, if not is it possible with any other software or with any other method, and if so please give me the simple, kindergarten version of how to do it? Do I need to be in a specific mode? (I’m still to this point not totally understanding the whole MSC vs. MTP thing.) Also, is it possible to move stuff from the internal memory to the card in the Fuze? I tried it and it just sat there. Basically, I’m just wanting to have some music on the card and some in the internal memory for storage purposes, although I know the Fuze will pick both sources up. The reason I got the card was to maximize total memory, I have no intention of ever taking it out of the player. Thanks in advance for any help!

It is, First off Make sure the Player is in MSC Mode. Then Go To Tools> Options> Portable/Audio Devices> Choose Generic Portable Device (it will say d_USBMASS1.dll next to it)> Configure>Device Configuation> Then at the bottom of that Window Choose the Drive letter that represents the card. Then you create playlists like you always have  but when you go to sync them you need to make sure you choose the External card.


Actually Just got this going myself a couple of nights ago.