EASY FIX for getting Sansa Fuze Playlists to work with Media Monkey

This was posted on the Media Monkey user’s forum for an easy way to get playlists to sync with Sansa Fuze.  It works perfectly!


How to sync playlists on a SanDisk Sansa

Postby IronEagle on Tue Sep 02, 2008 6:07 am

OK, After a lot of research, I thought to post this for anyone that needs.

Sansa Fuze, and other Sansa, use a .PLA playlist format. When connecting the Sansa, make sure you use the MTP USB mode, and not the MSC mode (Setting -> Device Setting -> USB Mode).

In MM, go to the Sync options and select the Sansa. Open the options for the Sansa, and select the playlists you want to sync, then head on to “Device Configuration”.

If you use several playlists like me, you might want to use the folder format of “\Music\<Playlist>\<Filename>”.

Under “Copy Playlists”, click “Options”, and make sure ALL FOUR selections are checked, and that destination reads “\Playlists”.

Click “OK”, and you’re pretty much done…

After you next sync your Sansa, you sould be able to use the palylists you want, without using the Windows Media Player, or any other conversion tools.

A warning to all - syncing the Sansa takes a very long time, the first time out, so have patience and wait for MM to finish.

Good Luck


I hope this save someone else a lot of time with less frustration.  I love both the Sansa Fuze and Media Monkey and now that both are working together happily, I am very happy.


Thank you ,Thank you,

I have just bought a Sansa Fuze to take on holiday today.It kept giving the message “synchronise to continue your music subscrition”. As I had no music subscription i was most puzzled and then annoyed as my new player would not work.

After searching the various sites for a solution I had a bad sleep worrying as to how in the few hours remaining I could fix the thing.

This morning I found your post . I changed to USB mode on the Fuze reconnected the player to WMP11 and then Synced the thing.a few minutes  later a   picture of the Fuze appeared on WMP11 and it was fixed.

Thanks for the solution.

It’s actually quite easy - although not obvious - to get MM to fill your Fuze with a random selection from your music library.