Media Monkey Playlists and M240

I’ve used MediaMonkey to build 2 playlists and I can push them to the M240 (silver with white face) by Syncronizing and all songs get loaded and 2 files are created under “playlists” but sandisk says “no files” when I try and select them.

I’ve looked at the WMP video and the process is similar to what I’m doing in MM.  I’ve tried both USB modes.  Does the 240 support Playlists?  Firmware V4.1.08a


Are you syncing your playlists in .m3u, .pls, or .pla format. Also (I know these are obvious questions, but…), are all the files in MP3 or WMA?

Personally though, I wouldn’t use MediaMonkey unless you’re a Win9X/ME user. Try Winamp 5.51.

Message Edited by ShawnIsHere on 01-24-2008 03:40 PM

All music is in mp3 format and gets transferred and plays fine, the playlists are in m3u (MM default I think).

Have you tried dragging and dropping the m3u files to the player and seeing if the playlist show up then?