Playlists are driving me CRAZZY!

Hi! I’m totally new to MP3 players and I’m having a hard time with some features. I’m used to listen to my songs using my computer and organizing my files in convenient folders.

My player is a Sansa Fuze 4 GB, version V02.01.09A.

USB option is on “AUTO”.

My OS is Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3 with Windows Media Player 11.

I already downloaded and read the user guide and searched your community forum for a few days.

I already managed to add 854 MP3’s songs to my player. First, I had trouble with “unknown” albums & genres in my player’s menu that I was able to fix using the Mp3tag software recommended in this site. Then, I had trouble transferring youtube videos to my Fuze but was able to fix the problem downloading software recommended at your site (Format Factory and Sansa Media Converter). So Thanks a lot, your forum has already been of great help to me!

Now, guess what’s my next problem is?

Yes, my new problem is to try to create PLAYLISTS in my player in order to navigate the menus with so many songs. I’d followed the Sansa user’s guide and other instructions with no luck and had to reformat the player several times to test new ways.

The first thing that I’m trying to find out is the current or latest version of the firmware. I currently have version V02.01.09A.

I’ve been saving my current playlists as M3u after using WPL (default on WMP11) but no luck with neither. The results I always get are: Playlists - GoList - [Empty].

I did try coping and paste some playlists (Abe.m3u) from: My Documents/My Music/My Playlists and pasted into the SANZA FUZE folder and then under the SANZA FUZE/MUSIC folder. Neither worked.

Could someone that’s been successful in making playlists that actually work with Fuze help me out with this?

Is there an alternative manual way to do this using Windows explorer?  Thanks


Please disregard the question about the current or latest version of the firmware. I was able to find that myself. For the ones that will like to know it is:

Version 02.02.26A
Released on 04/08/2009

 I still need a Fuze geek to help me out with the other questions:

What are the correct steps to create different playlists on my fuze menu?

Is there an alternative manual way to do this using Windows explorer? 

How do these files actually look under Windows Explorer? Like Folders?

Well, problem solved. The update to version 02.02.26A released on 04/08/2009 fixed the problem with the playlists.

For the ones that are looking for the playlists problem solution, just update your firmware and read and follow the section on how to creating Playlists in the SandiskFuze userguide. Bye

@abe422 wrote:

Is there an alternative manual way to do this using Windows explorer? 


Yes. Another media player called Winamp. Here’s one way to use it, although if you’ve got them (playlists) working now, maybe it’s best to leave well enough alone.