I have just purchased my 3rd Sansa this time a Fuze+ 4GB…When I had my old Sansa after I upgraded to Windows Media Player 10 I could no longer download playlists…I went through all kinds of hassles mostly related to the fact that my computer no longer recognizes MTP Mode and in MSC mode you cant have playlists…so someone on some help site suggested using WinAmp and transferring files manually…that worked (this is like 2 or 3 years ago) Well now I have My new Sansa and I cannot believe that this same issue still exists! I bought a Samsung for my Daughter and a RCA for my Wife and neither of those players have any problems downloading playlists from Windows Media Player 11 (Ive since upgraded from 10).

I like Sansa because I like my Music LOUD and found that they are the loudest player out there.But with 4GB of songs I need Playlist functionality…I dont care how it happens …whether through manual insertion or through a 3rd party software…I gotta have it! We can put a Man on the Moon,there must be some way to get playlists on this device.Any Help will save my walls from dents from my head!

Thank You!:cry:

really easy with wmp 12. here is a knowledge base artice

OK I just figured I try it on a different computer…and it worked…both computers are running WMP 11 so I dont get it…

The computer that it doesnt work on(Gateway) is running XP HOME Edition 2002 service pack 3

And the Computer that it does work on(Dell) is running XP PROFESSIONAL Edition 2002 service pack 3.

I guess I gotta network them together to get the songs from one computer to the next? …or you think upgrading to WMP 12 will help?..I dont think its the version of Media Player that is the issue,unless one is somehow corrupted.

Windows Media Player 12 is only for Windows 7, so upgrading that is out of the question, unless you upgrade XP as well, but I don’t recommend it. XP is much more stable than 7. :slight_smile:

Sync your play list via Media player.   I would also create a couple of list that you may want to updated later.  The Fuse+ lets you add to any of the playlist that are all ready on you player without going back to the PC.

i have the same issues with makeing a playlist with my Fuze+.  WMP is just crap, i really wish Sandisk would make their OWN playlist editor/maker for their music players !!! or allow the use of winamp or the like instead.   i like the sanza players better then the ipods, but their one shortcoming, is the playlist factor …

slimmyshady you CAN’T be serious… win 7 is prob on par with XP for stability, if not better … + there is the more then 4 gigs of ram support, DX 11 ( which XP will NEVER have )   you even used windows 7 ???

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slimmyshady you CAN’T be serious… win 7 is prob on par with XP for stability, if not better … + there is the more then 4 gigs of ram support, DX 11 ( which XP will NEVER have )   you even used windows 7 ???


I must agree 1000%, you obviously have never used win7… faster and more stable than XP could ever hope to be… microsoft isn’t perfect, but you know what, every once in a while they hit one out of the park… this, like 95 was at the time, is WAY out of the park in my opinion… 

I must agree, Windows 7 is definitely a great accomplishment for Microsoft.  Its automation can result in some quirky moments, but it’s a wonderful platform.  In the grand scheme of things, XP is still an excellent system.

As far as the Windows Media Player question goes, MTP mode is the way to fly for playlists and simplicity.  WiMP 11 is the top of the food chain in the XP environment, and has my favorite interface.  WiMP 12 is integrated into the Win 7 environment, and is not possible with XP.  This isn’t a big loss, as the new platform has quirkiness of its own: Microsoft tried to oversimplify the interface with WiMP12, removing many cool functionalities of the earlier WiMP11 GUI.

For details about the differences, if you dare read between the lines, is available directly from Microsoft.  Note that WiMP 11 is mentioned in the lower left of the screen.

You can try repairing the MTP drivers: on the Fuze+, manually lock in MTP mode vis Settings > USB Mode > MTP.  Then, on the PC, first plug in the device.  Go to the Device Manager, locate the Sansa under Portable Device, double click or right click, and Uninstall the device.  Unplug, wait 30 seconds just in case, then plug in again.  Windows should say “new device found, MTP Device”

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yeah cool, windows 7 was windows vista with a touchup of interface. It has been proved with countless tests. It’s not coming from me, it’s coming from millions of testers out there. Windows XP is still the most stable operating system out there. Sorry guys. I really do feel for you. Why do you love 7 so much anyway?

Oh and yes I have used Windows 7. I am not a complete retard. I think it missed the mark as much as Vista did.

" I think it missed the mark as much as Vista did "

um… windows 7 SHOULD of been what was called Vista …  its more then a " touch up interface "

while XP was good in its day, its time to let it go, which is part of the problem with the whole computer industry, we can’t let go of the old to make way for the new,  some of the issues with the windows platform is the legacy side of it …

i prefer 7 over XP because of ram limits, can’t run more then 4 gigs of ram on xp, ( 64 bit XP never really caught on from what i saw ) native TRIM support in 7 for SSDs … DirectX11,  over all it just feels faster and just as stable as XP …

Vista was, well, not ready for primetime, to say the least.  Though the user interface gave us a preview of the Windows 7 GUI, Vista was a real turd.  Bad, not just as such, but really nasty bad.  Bad to the point of overt humor.

I really wonder, in the grand scheme of things, if Vista existed for the sole purpose of supporting an extension of Windows XP’s service lifetime.  Well, that doesn’t really matter today, it did just that by default, kind of a modern art disaster, where a city manager writes a check for an art piece in front of City Hall, purchased unseen, and the artist dumps a turd on the lobby.  Can’t go back, you just have to smirk, wince, perhaps smile, and pass the thing by.

Seven represents a comeback for our monolithic old friend, Windows.  I wouldn’t try to compare the two, Vista versus 7, as the improvement in performance is a real leap.

In development, Microsoft kind of went back to square one with Windows 7.  Their reputation had taken a real hammering, albeit at their own hand.  Whether you choose to run XP, there’s most certainly nothing wrong with that.  Over the years, I’ve gotten used to patching things up manually, and  XP is friendly in that respect.

Back to the topic at hand, working with WiMP 11 versus 12, and playlists… there are two issues I see, one being a problem with the MTP “pipeline” on your PC,and the other, the difference between the two variants of the Media Player.

With the Fuze+, we have the advantage of being able to see files in both modes simultaneously.

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@falco wrote:


um… windows 7 SHOULD of been what was called Vista 


It is very easy with wmp 12! :stuck_out_tongue: