WinXP, WMC 11, won't transfer playlists to Fuze+

Win XP with Windows Media Center 11.0
Sansa Fuze+, Firmware: 2.38.06A
USB mode: auto

I’m trying to use WMC 11.0 to transfer a playlist. The MP3 files got over to the Fuze+ just fine. But there are no playlists. When I try to use Explorer to manually drag over a playlist I get a Windows error like “This file may not be recognized by the device.”

Here are the steps I’m doing per the Sansa web site:

  • Connect player to the computer.

  • Start WMC 11. Go to Sync mode (click Sync button near top of windows)

  • Drag the playlist to the Sync list.

  • Click the Sync button near the bottom right of the window.

  • I get an error “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while synchronizing the file to the device.”


EDIT: this isn’t the first problem I’ve had with the Fuze+. Is there another software package for WinXP that will work better than WMC 11? Does Winamp work better? Does Itunes? 

Perhaps you could try RealPlayer. I’ve made playlists with that before, so it’s worth a try. Otherwise, try using Windows Explorer: open select you’re player from my computer, navigate to where your music files are located, right-clicking on the songs you’d like to make a playlist out of and select “Create Playlist”.

I should warn you: I’ve heard on this forum that playlists make the Fuze+ painfully slow (even more so than usual). Some people have resorted to changing the genre to some bogus thing (such as “My Favorites”) so that when they enter the menu on the player that shows your music, they can browse by genre and use the genre menu like a playlist menu. Others (like my self) prefer to install the a third-party firmware called “Rockbox” (see HERE for info on how to install or HERE for a manual). Be warned: this firmware is still in a developemental stage, so there will be bugs.