playing tracks in order?

I need to replace my Sansa SanDisk MP3 player. I currently have the Clip Zip (or is it Zip Clip)?

I quickly tried the Sport one or more years ago. I had a relative that had it. It would play the tracks in alphabetical order instead of the proper album order. Also, it would only alphabetize tracks or albums by the first 8 or so characters such that the following MP3 files:

The Joy of Music by John Smith CD 01 track 42

The Joy of Music by John Smith CD 01 track 43

might be read as:

The Joy of Music b…

The Joy of Music b…

resulting in the tracks possibly being sorted incorrectly, or at least the title not being completely visible such as with the Clip Zip. Has there been firmware to correct these issues?

As far as I know, the Clip Zip will still not display the track number or time duration of the current track. Does the Sport fix that? Is the Clip Zip still made?

the latest FW for the sport sorts files by ID3 tag track number. there is a beta FW at the top of this board more info on sorting is in that post. 

the zip is no longer in production. only the sport and jam are current products. 

But, the Zip still can be found.