Clip Sport Songs Order & Album Mix-ups

I just bought a Clip Sport, and in this mp3 player the songs are displayed alphabetically instead of the correct track order(in each album) like every other mp3 player(including the Clip Zip I have which have the same albums). I understand that’s normal in the “all songs” menu, but in “Artist>Album>(*here*)” menu they are never in the intended order, this is frustrating. That and the album mix-ups that happens when two albums have almost the same name, like “Album 1 and Album 2”, they mash-up together and form “Album” which then all the songs appear alphabetically together in an-all-mash-up terrible order. Eliminating both the purpose of track order and the separation of two perfectly organized albums. This does not happen with my one year Clip Zip which have the same albums. 

My question is, is this on purpose? or my Clip Sport isn’t working well? and if it is on purpose why would they do that instead of a regular mp3 player layout? like their own Clip Zip.

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So this doesn’t happen to anybody else? I asume that my Clip Sport isn’t working properly, and I should return it to the store. It’s really annoying, I’m tired of the allbum mix-ups, like having Kill the Noise’s albums Black Magic and Black Magic Remix both appearing all together. I’ve been a cutomer of Sandik for awhile, it’s sad.

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I’m guessing about three people have Clip Sports at this point, so this might require a little patience to verify. My suspicion is that what you’re encountering is a software bug, not a defect isolated to your individual player – but you could always exchange yours and see. I will say that, as another longtime SanDisk customer, I’ve seen a healthy amount of bugs crop up in their previous devices. Luckily they’ve tended to address most of them via firmware updates eventually (with varying degrees of success…:wink:).

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This ‘bug’ has been reported to the dev. team working on this project. Hopefully it will be addressed in a firmware update soon. :smiley:

Thanks! :smileyvery-happy:

I think I might have found a temporary solution. Editing the tags you must put the track number before the title. In this way the player will play them in order, even if with the truck number showing before the title. Be careful that the truck number is in 2 digits like this: 01-02…09 - 10 - 11 etc… 

Hopeful with the next firmware update the problem will be solved. 

EDIT: I noticed just after posting in here, that in another thread you found the same solution. Never mind then…

@woodstock wrote:

EDIT: I noticed just after posting in here, that in another thread you found the same solution. Never mind then…

But genius nonetheless!   :wink:

Has this been fixed?  I need to know whether to return my SanDisk Sport or if I can keep it.  I absolutely want the songs to play in the order they were originally recorded, not aphabetically.

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Create a m3u playlist and play that instead of the files themselves.  By default, it’s playing in title order, as has been said.  Drag the files into Windows Media Player in the order you want them to play, switch to Library View if you’re not there already, save the playlist in the same folder with the mp3 files.  So, no it’s not been fixed but you may no longer consider it broken if this works for you.  I don’t know how it was done in previous players, but it should be updated to play in track order, not title order.

And the other possibility:  for the file name, start with the 2-digit (01, 02, 03, etc.) number of the track and then play the album under the folder option.  Freeware tag editor MP3Tag can do this for you in batches–no need to go 1-by-1.

thanks for the help…as I wish to load many albums onto my sport clip MP3 player, I would prefer not to have to create a separate playlist for each and every album.  SanDisk should fix this flaw. I have held onto the player hoping it would get fixed quickly but so far, not happening.  Another player will work but I actually like this player in every other respect but the alphabetical thing drives me crazy. And I am not so tech savvy. Thank you both for the help, though.

I appreciate the reply and the instructions.  However as I want to load a pile of albums, it seems cumbersome to have to do extra steps to get the player to do what it should already do.  I may try your suggestion if I cannot find another player at the store.  I am somewhat bummed (can you tell?) that this flaw is so pervasive for this player which seems great otherwise.

Interesting situation if it plays in track number order and you load multiple albums in a single folder: Does that mean that it would play track 01 from each album, then all of the track 02’s, then the track 03’s?  That doesn’t seem like much of an improvement over alphabetical order.  It would have to play in natural unsorted order as when the files were copied onto the player, it would seem.  Is that how previous Sansa players worked?  I’m asking because I really don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like playing in track number order would be enough.

Finally, a company has the insight to recognize that PEOPLE WANT TO LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER! Oh, you just ripped the Beatles’ White album? here, I’ll put the tracks in alphabetical order for you… now you can listen to the album as it was meant to be heard … um, alphabetically. Hey you! Stop wasting your life alphabetizing all of  your music files, just go buy a Clip Sport and it’ll do the work for you. Thanks, Sandisk, now I have more time to huff paint!

Is it silly yet? Realize that someone(s) actually designed and implemented ‘alphabetical order’ as the default album song ordering. Some engineer did this work in spite of the fact that most files have metadata track number tags. “Alphabetical ordering is the best choice, in my professional opinion, its what people want!” It follows that at least a few patently stupid people work for Sandisk.

This, along with the lack of a ‘lock’ mechanism (on a player marketed for use while exercising no less), are such incomprehensible lapses in design that my view of Sandisk is forever damaged. I will never buy/use another one of your products. Even if these issues are fixed in a firmware update today, the damage is done and my clip sport is in the trash where it belongs. I’m convinced you guys are idiots where it really matters, and you’ve lost my business forever.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to shop online for a toaster that will toast the slices in alphabetical order, because it’s just better that way.

I am not sorry for the ridicule, because this design is goddam ridiculous. shame on you.

good riddance

Don’t mince words, jaken. Tell us what you really think. :smileyvery-happy:

I feel the same way.  I just want to listen to my audiobooks with the chapters in the right order…you know-- 1, 2, 3 and so on…!!!  Am I crazy for wanting to listen in sequential order!!!  I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get this thing to work.   NOTHING works.  I am going to try pulvarizing this worthless thing with a hammer and then buying an ipod.   That, I am convinced, will FINALLY work.

This, along with the lack of a ‘lock’ mechanism (on a player marketed for use while exercising no less), are such incomprehensible lapses in design that my view of Sandisk is forever damaged. (…)  my clip sport is in the trash where it belongs.

Same here. For my own SanDik Clip Sport, it is not a big problem, as I can still use my Cowon. But I had the bad idea to buy a SanDisk Clip Sport as birthday present for my son (10 years), and it is a real disappointment. For both of us :cry:



I actually came and registered on the forums specially for this issue. 

I bought this immediately prior to a 100 mile race based on the long battery life and my experience with the Clip player. Between the sorting by ‘title’ meta data rather than ‘track’ (or even ‘filename’) and lack of a lock button (what sport are the Sandisk folks engaging in that lack of a lock button works ok with?), I could not have regretted this purchase more. 

And while the workarounds exist, I assume I am not alone in that I just transferred a 32gig card from a Clip (which sorted correctly) to the Sport. Edting 32 gigs of tags is not a workaround :wink: