Playing the Fuze on the computer

Hello.  I have a Fuze that I need to be able to play music on my work computer (because I can’t download music to it), so I was wondering if there is any program out there that will reconginize the Fuze as a media player and play the music from it.

Thanks in advance.  

What USB mode do you use to put music on there?

You should be able to just use Windows Media Player. I use Winamp. I put music on in MSC mode, so it just shows up as another hard drive.

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Winamp works fantastically.  Thanks a bunch!

If you use your usb connection as previously stated so you can see the player on your computer when you click on the song, whatever your default music player is on your computer should bring up the song, for example if your default is WMA Player that application should come up and play the song. I use Nero player because it uses a lot less system resources than the windows media player