Playing audiobooks on m240 player

Can you play audiobooks on the m240?  I just received one for my birthday and I cannot get audiobooks to load on it.  The current firmware is 3.2.8A.  I tried to use the Sansa Updater to load version 4.1.08 but it would not do it.  The updater came back with the message “Version 3.2.8A   Your device is now up-to-date.”  I don’t know why it won’t load 4.1.08 or if audiobooks are possible with this player.  Please help!

The v4 firmware only runs on v4 players (v3 only on v3 players), so to upgrade you’d have to buy a new player :slight_smile:  

You should be able to load audio books on it. The player only sees an audio file; it doesn’t know (or care) if it’s music or spoken word. As long as it’s a supported format (.mp3, .wma) you shouldn’t have any problem. Depending on the source of the file though, you may have to load the files differently.

Tell us what they are, or where you got them and we can advise you.

Thanks for responding!  The audiobook files are in .wma format.  They are free from my local library using Overdrive Media Console. 

Using Overdrive I download the files to my computer and then again using Overdrive I try to use the Transfer option to move them over to the m240.  Overdrive gives me an error saying the file type is not compatible with my device.  My husband uses Overdrive all the time with his Sansa Clip+ with no problems at all.

Also, when I try to open the device folder from My Computer, the only folder in the directory is Record.  I can drag and drop music .mp3 files but there is no folder for music…just Record.  So, on my player to get to the songs, I have to go to the Record option.  Do I need to create a Music folder myself since there is only the Record folder?


The “m” series is a bit before my time, so what I say here is what is known for the newer models but using Overdrive (and its console) is indeed the proper way to transfer ‘loaned’ library books to your device. However, the unit must be in MTP mode. Again, I don’t know about the “m” series, but the other models have a USB Mode option in the Settings menu where you can switch it between MTP and MSC mode. MTP mode is necessary to transfer to licensing permissions and time restrictions along with the file so it will play.

You shouldn’t have to manually create a Music folder, but you should be able to do it. Again, the newer models display a Audiobook folder where these type of files would be stored on the player and an Audiobooks menu item on the player’s display where you would navigate to play them. Note that the ID3 tags on the files might need to have ‘Audiobook’ listed as the Genre in order for the player to find them as it does not read file names. Many times these files you download do not have ID3 tags completely filled out or in the proper format for the player to read. If you look around on the forum, you’ll see this is a major issue/problem faced by many people. MP3Tag is a great little dedicated tag-editor that you can download for free and make whatever adjustments are necessary.

Sansa c 240, V2, version 03.02.05A

I am unable to see my mp3 player under “my computer”.  I also am unable to transfer anything to it!!  Do I need to be in media player 10 to get music to it?  my library uses overdrive media and I am unable to get a book with the file ext .omf.  I also have a Rick Steves mp3 audio tour in mp3 format that I want to put on my little goodie!  HELP!! Please?

Oh windows 7, office 2010, PCoverdrive media format


Yes, I’m using WMP-10/11 to do the sync, over and over again. Sometimes I end up with two copies of the same audio file on the player, but neither one is synced. I’ve done as you describe using MSC mode on the player. I’ve also tried Drag’n’Drop which becomes available when the player is in MTP mode, which is the mode normally used for passing licenses, so I’ve read.


MSC mode is for dragging & dropping as it allows your computer to see the player as just another flash-based storage medium (like a thumb drive or memory stick).

MTP mode is required for ‘syncing’ with WMP and it allows the licensing info and keys to be transferred along with the file if you are usiing DRM-crippled files. MTP mode makes your player to be seen as a ‘musical device which must be managed’.

hola quiero conseguir el manual de uso del; sansa m 240 version 3.2.8a  gracias

@wambly wrote:
hola quiero conseguir el manual de uso del; sansa m 240 version 3.2.8a  gracias

wambly wrote:


hola quiero conseguir el manual de uso del; sansa m 240 version 3.2.8a



hello i want to get the operation manual, sansa m 240 version 3.2.8a