audio books

I have the sansa M230 and have downloaded audio books from  When I plug the player into the computer it shows that the books are there, however, when I go to listen to the books it tells me there are no files.  I had a player just like this one before and spoken word was an option, but cannot find it on this one.  Can anyone help?!!

The audible to MP3 player interface has several steps that can have glitches. I used my M250 with audible and here are a few process items:

  1. The player must be enabled in the audible manager

  2. The files downloaded can be 2, 3 or 4, but not e (enhanced). If you downloaded enhanced versions then they will not show up in your Sansa M230 player.

  3. Files need to be exported from your audible manager to windows media player (This can be set to automatic)

  4. Using windows media player you can transfer files to your device. I used a special playlist and synched the device with the playlist.