audio books will not play

I downloaded an audio book to my computer from our public library via NetLibrary and synced in to my m200.  While syncing (Windows Media 11), the device says that that the file is transferring and all seems to go smoothly.  However, when I go to play the file on the m200 it will not play.  It shows the pause bars and the counter never moves off 0:00, even when the title is scrolling (as if it were playing).  The information about the file is on the device, but I’m not sure that the content is there, since the device shows as still having 1.8gb of space available.  I have synced music, and it does play fine, and the book plays on my computer, so the problem appears to be something with the transfer process.  Does anyone have any ideas what is going on and what to do?  Thanks.

You must be frustrated.

Our library uses Overdrive as its audiobook format, and I have to transfer an audiobook to my m240 through the Overdrive program I downloaded and installed on my computer. Perhaps you have to do the same with your library’s proprietary software?

My frustration is that my m240 doesn’t seem to have a good “pause and resume” feature allowing me to pause, turn off my m240, the resume later.

I have the exact same problem on an M240. It doesn’t play at all with headphones and when plugged in to the USB port on my car stereo the car stereo display reads “protected”. I have tried deleting and reloading several times. The book plays fine on Windows Media Player (either 10 or 11, don’t remember which). Did you find a solution? The previous reply did not seem relevant to me. Kente

Another curious aspect of this: I have two m240s. When I loaded the book on the first one it wouldn’t play at all, as discussed throughout this post. I decided to try the other one and the book loaded and played fine. However, when I connected it to the usb port on my car stereo the stereo display said ‘no music’ and wouldn’t play anything. I am able to listen to the book in the car using the ‘aux in’ port but what I want is the ability to control the player using the stereo’s controls. I had previously been able to play music and control one of the m240s this way and it was really convenient but that was before I loaded a book and I’m not sure which device was which. It could be that the two devices have different firmware versions and I will investigate that. Any other suggestions or experiences would be appreciated. Kente