Why won't my audiobooks play?

I have downloaded several audiobooks from Overdrive onto my computer. I synched these files in Windows Media Player with my Sansa m250.

The files appear in the file tree, but they won’t play past the first two parts. I get a message telling me to “synchronize to continue your music subscription.”

First of all, there’s nothing to synchronize to, and secondly - I don’t want to have to do that every time I finish listening to a chapter!

Does anyone have an idea of how I can fix this?

Read this thread onsite by h3rr3tt


My e280 v2 has the same issue…

The m200 Series is not on the overdrive list of compatible devices.  The Sansa Clip, cXXX, eXXX, Express and SanDisk SDMX1-256 are listed, but not the m200’s.


Waiting to see if the Fuze is???

My 240s play overdrive books without problem.