Player stops after shuffling

I am not sure if I am too inpatient.  It seem like after 4 songs or so, the player stops shuffling at times, and at other times, takes almost a minute for it to decide to play the next song.  I have reset everything and reinstalled the new firmware but the problem continues.  I only had it for about a week so I am debating on taking it back to the store.  It is a cool player for the price, but I don’t like the long pauses.  Sometimes it completly stops and I have to reboot it.  What gives?  Any suggestions? Thanks

I wonder if it is defective–that behavior is not the norm.  If possible, a swap for a replacement might be a good idea.

Yeah that is what I am thinking.

Even with I forward to the next song, it sometimes freezes or takes “forever” to advance to the next song.

Thanks for your reply

I would take a look at your ID3 tags; I doubt if it is the player’s fault. Consider the player in shuffle mode, trying to read, assess and then immediately display the track info as soon as that track begins playing.

Now, what goes on if the player encounters something in that ID3 tag it cannot read, or takes longer to digest, like the un-abridged version of Gone With The Wind in the Comments field, or strange, foreign characters or embedded album art so large you could use it for your desktop computer’s wallpaper? Or even just the tag format it isn’t the happiest with? It naturally slows down, or in extreme cases, stops altogether.

Other things could be relevant too, like what format the files that are being played are and what bit-rate.

Replaced the player and same thing is happening.  What you suggest makes sense, but would be a huge undertaking.  Never had this problem with other players.  I like the features of this one, but it is quite annoying waiting for the next song.  A few times it took way over a minute.  I deleted all of the album art and will see how it works now.  I don’t care if the album art is there or not, just as long as I have the song title.  If this doesn’t help, I think I will have to look for a better player.  I don’t like ipod as I am not a fan of itunes at all.  Thanks for your response.

@rda wrote:

Replaced the player and same thing is happening. 

That kind of gives credence to the suggestion that it is not the player, but something you’ve put on it then doesn’t it?