Turns off after 6 songs

Hello.  I’ve had my Sansa for about 4 months.  Within the last month I’ve had this problem.  I’ll start my Sansa and it starts at the beginning of my shuffle list (annoying that shuffle plays the songs in the exact same order each time - but that’s not my real problem).  It plays about 6 songs and then it just turns off.  This song is Cake - Going the Distance.  I wanted to see I could start the player after that song so that I could hear some new ones.  I forwarded all the way until this song and then it turned off.  It will not let me get past this song.  It turns off.  I have to wait a few minutes and then I can turn it back on.  When I start it playing again, it plays all the songs from the beginning of the alphabet.  It doesn’t shuffle them.  If I turn it back off, and then on, it shuffles the songs again and plays them, but cuts off at the same song every time.  Any ideas?  This is very annoying.  I don’t want an MP3 player to listen for the same 6 songs over and over again!