Player is getting Freezed again and again.....


I live in India and I bought a Sansa player from US.

It was working fine but after a week it started to freeze on itself. The backlight would go off and I was not sure if the player is shut down or running.

It had problems in shutting down too and also starting up (will stuck on the Flower sign).

I thought some files are responsible and tried to format from the player but again got hanged. It is not able to format completely from the player.

I then deleted the songs present after connecting it to computer and loaded fresh songs but still the same problem continues.

After this firmware, I thought it would solve my issue but the player is getting more stuck than ever its not starting.

Can anyone please help me. 

My warranty wont be valid in India. I feel that my money is wasted on this player.

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Format from your pc.  If you’re loading the same songs again, you may just get the same problem as there could be an issue with a specific file(s).  Search for more info.

How to be sure that its due to some particular file? How to determine the problematic file?

Run chkdsk on your music files to find the corrupted files. After formatting your player via the pc, format it again using the player’s menu.

Still the problem persists,

One more thing, Whenever I disconnect the player from the system, it is getting freezed.

If I press the power off button for 3-4 secs then the GOODBYE sign will appear but it would be freezed at that point and wont shut off.  I need to force shutdown the player every time.

Can anybody please help me how to go back to my oldest version. I have updated the recent firmware but the player is not at all playing any music after the update but the radio is working fine. 

Can anybody help me with this? 

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You formatted the player and ran chkdsk? Try reapplying the firmware manually (see the sticky thread).  There’s no way to go back to the previous firmware as this is the first update (the previous firmware was never available to download).

Format the player again.  Rip a cd (so you have a fresh copy) and put that (and only that) on.  See if it behaves.

Contact sandisk and check about the warranty situation.  They may still help.