help: freeze non-stop


My sansaclip player + is now almost 2 years old and I have encountered serious problems.

I had a freeze tomorrow, which I solved by resetting (holding the power button until shutdown). Afterwards, the player claimed low battery- though it had just been recharged for hours.

After recharging it again on a laptop, the player froze while actuating the data. Several resets later, the player could still not finish the data actualization. There was no new data on the player since last time I used it.

So I tried to reconnect it to the laptop, where it was first not recognized. Furthermore resets and the player was recognized, when disconnecting it finally went to play music instead of trying to actualise the data.

Just to freeze again- everything is black for a moment, then the display comes back to life frozen. If there is a reaction at all, it is very slow and stuttering.

I have tried several resets and connecting it to the computer and so on, but the problem still occurs. The data actualisation was never finished, sometimes I can skip is, sometimes it freezes.

Other times I have problems switching the player on again after a reset.

there is a sdhc card in the slot (16GB), without the system operates slightly more stable but not good anyway.

Firmware version is V01.02.13P, I guess its very old as I never changed it.

The storage is rather full, both microsd card and player itself.

Ok so much for the infos, any good tipps how to get the player fully functionally again?

My ideas are:

reduce storage volume

new firmware


In order of increasing effort.

Could it be a problem of the battery simply growing old? That would be rather bad, as I am far from any warranty time, I guess one cannot change the battery oneself as it is build in, or can I?

Any other Ideas?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Greets, Karina

You might try reapplying the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum), in case this is a firmware glitch issue–easy to do (really).